The Prior-Service Entrepreneur: Veteran Entrepreneurship and Lean Business Start-Up



Michael I. Kaplan is a Military Veteran with 25 years of experience with entrepreneurial small business ventures, veteran owned businesses, and a Notable Alumni from Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia. He is a passionate advocate for veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce and consults for those considering the pursuit of entrepreneurial small business ventures. Michael is a professional speaker, bestselling author, and instructor who designs and instructs professional development training programs for academic institutions, Chambers of Commerce, and business organizations.

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2017 Second Edition: The 2017 second edition of the 5-Star original text is now updated to include:
Additional Content: “When Banks Won’t Lend: Creative Start-Up Financing Options” 
Over 100 Graphics: Throughout the text to benefit Visual Learners 
Updated Content: Statistical and economic data reflects 2016-2017 trends 
Larger Text: Easier to read, and higher quality printing

If you’re a hardworking wage earner trying to succeed, your financial future looks scary. The same government policies that are preventing our economic recovery are also devaluing every dollar you earn. Technology is ushering in a new era of unemployment, potentially causing thousands of production and administrative jobs to be lost. Additionally, your taxes are being raised to support national social welfare programs at a time when your cost of living is rising steadily.

Don’t get frustrated, don’t get discouraged and most certainly … don’t give up. There’s an answer to your financial problems to which you have immediate access, and it lies within your “Entrepreneurial DNA.” It knows you want to succeed, enjoy a prosperous life and secure an independent future for those you care about most.

In this highly inspirational book, Kaplan uses a unique approach that combines optimal mindset with experiential leadership to provide you with the greatest opportunity for success. His 30 years of successful military and business experience lays a solid foundation to provide exacting strategies for both personal and professional development. He offers an in-depth approach to taking control of your life and successfully reach the goals you set for yourself despite any obstacles you believe stand in your way.

The Prior-Service Entrepreneur is MUCH more than a book for starting a business; it provides valuable insights into life skills, job readiness and mastering your competitive advantage. It will show you how to overcome personal challenges, increase confidence and reinvigorate your passion and sense of purpose. When you follow Michael Kaplan’s easy to read advice you will be prepared to achieve success, enjoy financial independence and change your life forever.

Your new future starts today! Claim it … it’s yours.

NOTE: The academic edition of this text is available to higher-education institutions in digital format on the Vitalsource platform (

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