Unlike the formal Apprenticeship Program

For some people the formal Apprenticeship program may not be the most convenient or preferred way to go about certifying for an IT career.
There are a few drawbacks to the formal Apprenticeship program, which this alternative offering hopes to address. The candidate may:
  • not have approved sponsorship funding
  • prefer to study at their own pace
  • wish to have more freedom and flexibility in selecting courses/certifications
  • want to have more autonomy over their career direction
  • prefer a less reporting-heavy approach to studying
  • desire less monitoring and oversight
  • need to earn standard wages, rather than the artificially reduced "Apprenticeship" wages expected of the Apprenticeship program
  • want to be in the more secure and settled environment of a full-time job, without fear of being removed from the program if stringent requirements are not constantly met
Sponsorship Funding
Apprentices in the formal program may need to acquire funding sources. Since their wages will be artificially reduced at the start of the program, and increases are fully dependent on success in certifications, this alternative program serves to alleviate this potential financial difficulty.
This program offers significantly-reduced costs of training, which calculate out as a fraction of the cost of the Apprenticeship program.
Study at Own Pace
Students in this program are autonomous. This means that students can select the courses they want, on dates that suit them, and can put the next class off until they are ready to sit it. This format also reduces pressure on the student to hurry and sit the exam(s), thus increasing the chances of exam success.
More Freedom and Flexibility
In this program, students are offered a selection of appropriate courses, customized to the direction they wish to pursue.
If they decide to switch directions, NC-Expert can easily, and with no fuss, provide an alternative selection, based on the student's current position and career goal.
No outside entity needs to be consulted, no additional application forms need be completed, and no reports need be submitted. We can work with you, one-on-one, to determine a plan to suit your revised needs at the least cost to you.
No Oversight / Monitoring
Unlike the formal Apprenticeship Program, which is both monitoring and oversight-heavy, and wherein the Apprentice is responsible to meet all continuing requirements in order to maintain eligibility to remain enrolled, this alternative program has no such requirements.
This gives the student a great deal more freedom and autonomy.
However, we don't leave you to struggle alone. Even after class is over, while you are studying for your exams, our team is available to help if you get stuck on a concept.
Sample Curriculum
The following are some of the specialization tracks and certifications that can be earned while enrolled in this program. Note that the end result is different from the formal Apprenticeship program, because it can be undertaken without the headache of lower wages and increased monitoring and reporting.
The certifications gained from our programs are all professional, industry-recognized designations.
Following completion of the Foundations certifications, we offer the following specialization tracks:
  • Routing & Switching
  • Wireless
  • Security / Cyber Security
  • Collaboration
  • Network Design
In addition, the program can be freely and fully customized, with additional/alternative certification training, as desired. Talk to us about what you want to achieve.
Starting Point:Specialization Options:
FoundationsRouting & SwitchingWirelessSecurityCollaborationDesign
CertNexus CyberSAFECisco ICND2CWNP CWNACertNexus CFRCisco CICDCisco DESGN
Cisco CCIE R&S1Cisco WiDEPLOYCisco SecFnd
Cisco CCIE R&S2Cisco WiSECURECisco SecOps
CCIE Wireless1Cisco SITCS
CCIE Wireless2Cisco SISAS
With this program format, we are able to offer you HIGHLY competitive pricing which is specially designed for Veterans.
In order to provide you with this significantly-reduced pricing, we will need to see official proof that you are a US Military Veteran. If you do not have official proof, you can easily obtain it by submitting a copy of your DD form 214. (All separating military personnel will have received one of these.) If you did not receive one upon discharge, or have lost yours, you can apply/reapply here
Please note that you will, personally, be responsible for all training class payments. With this in mind, we understand that finding funds upfront may be difficult, so we can arrange a private, interest-free, monthly payment plan* to help you budget. This can also be extended to an employer who is paying the training fees on behalf of, or sharing the costs with, the employee/apprentice.

*The apprentice will, however, be required to have paid in full for each class, prior to attending it. We do not offer training "on credit".

Introduction to the NC-Expert Apprenticeship Program

NC-Expert Apprenticeship Programs 

Introduction to the NC-Expert Apprenticeship Program

Our Mission

NC-Expert’s vision is simple and straightforward “IT Training Made Easy!” Our company tag line explains our purpose: we are Experts creating Experts.
Our formal mission statement explains a little further: To provide the best quality and most accessible IT industry certification training available, which improves the careers and lives of professional network engineers and brings the best ROI for their employers.
NC-Expert is a group of seasoned engineers and trainers that are different from the rest of the education market. We want to pass along our experience and knowledge to others, in a way that will enable our apprentices and students to become more efficient in their daily tasks, better engineers and, ultimately, enhance the companies they work for, while continuously moving forward in their successful careers.
We believe all training should produce a Return on Investment. We price our courses and structure our programs around this concept. We know 40 hours of training on highly technical topics crammed into a single week is efficient for the corporations doing the purchasing but sometimes proves difficult for the engineer/students consuming the training.
So we try to make things a bit easier on our apprentices and students by augmenting our courses with mentoring, webinars, and re-sits of the previously attended class lectures (in most of our classes), until they comprehend and master the topics covered in their discipline. We call the and apprentices students “our” students because, unlike a lot of other training companies, we truly care about their individual successes.
We provide extra support to allow those students who are struggling to take a firm hold on IT with the belief that excellent training in an ever-growing career field can change their lives. We look forward to growing this approach in a formal and scalable model to provide our IT Apprenticeship programs to as many candidates as possible.
NC-Expert’s training programs are sought by the kinds of organizations that may ultimately hire our apprenticeship graduates because we work hard to ensure that our training is delivered at such a level that it really can make a difference in the lives of our apprentices and students and in their employers’ businesses.
In our own way, we are trying to help make the world a better place.