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Roger That | Military Network : Would You Pay Someone for Sleep?: NAVIGATING A CAREER PATH IN CYBERSECURITY Michael I. Kaplan is a Corporate Information Security Officer, certified Mile2 cybersecurity ...

Would You Pay Someone for Sleep?


Michael I. Kaplan is a Corporate Information Security Officer, certified Mile2 cybersecurity instructor, and a passionate advocate for military veteran issues with 21 years of experience in the security industry.  After serving honorably in the US Army’s 11th Special Forces Group (Airborne) as an expert in Soviet Military Operations and Tactics, Michael was recruited as a Trainer and Lead Investigator for an International Fugitive Task Force based in Miami, Florida, with areas of responsibility in the Caribbean and Latin America. 

In 1994, Michael transitioned from international high-risk warrants into domestic corporate security, attended numerous formal training programs and pursued a career as an Executive Protection Specialist, operating in both corporate and high-threat environments. Throughout his experience, Michael was always (informally) designated as the “team technology geek,” a role he officially (and formally) embraced in 2011.

Michael I. Kaplan is now a Cyber Security Instructor, Information Systems Risk Manager, and Disaster Recovery Engineer. His technical areas of specialization are Cyber Security Architecture, IT Risk Assessment, and IT Program Audit / Compliance; his geographical areas of specialization are the United States, Eastern Europe, and Latin America / Caribbean. Michael also possesses a high degree of subject matter expertise regarding conformance to Cyber Security Frameworks (CSF) including HIPAA Compliance (HITECH, GAPP), NIST SP 800 Series, ISO 27000 Series, PCI-DSS, SSAE 16 (SOC1, SOC2), and FedRAMP (moderate, high).



2019 Training Schedule

The courses listed below are instructor-led classroom format conducted at the Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia in Darien, Georgia.  We also conduct instructor-led online training via WebEx, and remote training at the client location upon request.  To discuss these options, or to find out about customized training solutions tailored specifically to your needs, please contact Michael Kaplan via email at

Certifications held by Michael
Michael’s career includes the US Army’s 11th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Lead Investigator on an international fugitive task force, an Executive Protection Specialist for Fortune 500 companies, and an IT security consultant for numerous companies both in the US and abroad.
Industry Training Certifications In the Phase2 Advantage role as an Authorized Training Center for Mile2, Michael I. Kaplan, a certified Cyber Security Instructor, is authorized to teach the following courses to students seeking Mile2 certifications:

Certified Information Security Management Systems – Lead Implementer
Certificate: 783700
Expiration: 2021
Certified Information Security Management Systems – Lead Auditor
Certificate: 782800
Expiration: 2021
Information Systems Certification and Accreditation Professional
Certificate: 1032700
Expiration: 2021
Certified Healthcare Information Systems Security Practitioner
Certificate: 748300
Expiration: 2020
Certified Information Systems Security Manager
Certificate: 752100
Expiration: 2020
Certified Information Systems Security Auditor
Certificate: 780200
Expiration: 2021
Certified Information Systems Security Officer
Certificate: 739100
Expiration: 2020
Certified Information Systems Risk Manager
Certificate: 749600
Expiration: 2020
Certified Secure Web Application Engineer
Certificate: 756900
Expiration: 2020
Information Systems 20 Controls (IS20)
Certificate: 741400
Expiration: 2020
Certified Penetration Testing Engineer
Certificate: 763000
Expiration: 2020
Certified Network Forensics Examiner
Certificate: 933600
Expiration: 2021
Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer
Certificate: 725000
Expiration: 2020
Certified Professional Ethical Hacker
Certificate: 981700
Expiration: 2021
Certified Incident Handling Engineer
Certificate: 764100
Expiration: 2020
Certified Security Leadership Officer
Certificate: 743100
Expiration: 2020
Certified Digital Forensics Examiner
Certificate: 898000
Expiration: 2021
Certified Cyber Security Instructor
Certificate: 743500
Expiration: 2020
Certified Vulnerability Assessor
Certificate: 783700
Expiration: 2020

Would You Pay Someone for Sleep?At first glance that may seem like a ridiculous question; the obvious answer is “NO.” However, things are not always as obvious as they seem. A closer inspection reveals the need for a follow-up question: “Am I paying someone else so they can sleep, or so I can sleep?” That’s a great question to ask as it changes the initial perspective. Paying someone else so you can sleep may potentially change an obvious and immediate “NO” to a possible “YES.” It’s all about asking the right questions and forming the correct perspectives.

Successful cyber security consulting is based on asking the right questions. Without them, we have no way of providing a client with correct perspectives which may potentially lead to different, and more suitable, outcomes. It requires a tabula rasa mindset, a design thinking approach, and absolutely no preconceived or prepackaged solutions. That’s the perspective we bring to our clients to solve challenges. That’s not “thinking outside the box.” It’s realizing there is no box, and never has been.

“When a customer asks you for a ¼-inch drill bit, they don’t
really need a drill bit. They
need a ¼-inch hole.”

~ Theodore Levitt ~
Our Consulting Services No consulting company can be all things to all people, although many do put forward their best effort and try. Phase2 Advantage has three disciplines within the cyber security consulting realm at which it excels: IT Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, and IT Risk Management.  We’ll never claim to be something we’re not, and we’ll always refer clients to companies with the capabilities they need when necessary.  Listed below are the three — and only three — consulting services we provide to our clients.

IT Business Continuity Planning Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning are not the same function and require different skill sets in order to be successful. Business continuity planning is a proactive plan to avoid and mitigate risks associated with a disruption of operations. While it does plan for actions to be taken after an event, it focuses on preventive and preemptive solutions to reduce the probability of a disaster occurring. In this type of planning the ability to ask the correct questions is critical, and we’re experts at asking correct questions based on the environment in which we’re located at the time.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning Unlike the preventive focus of Business Continuity planning, Disaster Recovery plans for actions which are responsive and reactive. As businesses face a wide range of daily risks – including cyber-attacks, human error, technical failures, and natural disasters – it’s vital they create practical plans to sustain their security posture, financial health, and industry / brand reputation to maintain long-term success. In this type of planning the ability to observe minute details is critical, and we’re experts at incorporating an attention to detail that affords our clients the capability of executing their plans with precision.

IT Risk Management Given the wide range of technology-enabled components comprising modern security programs, the potential for exposure to risk has grown exponentially. Laws governing regulatory and compliance requirements change rapidly as they attempt to keep pace with technology trends. Information security frameworks and models, once barely acknowledged and often ignored, are now expected responsibilities and strictly enforced. In this increasing regulatory environment, the ability to audit and assess potential risk is critical, and we’re experts at the type of risk identification, assessment, and mitigation that affords our clients the capability of sleeping well at night.

“The answer is “YES,” we can
do that 
for you. Now,
what’s the question?”

~ Michael I. Kaplan ~

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The  Certified Incident Handling Engineer vendor-neutral certification course is designed to help Incident Handlers, System Administrators, and any General Security Engineers understand how to plan, create, and utilize their systems in order to prevent, detect and respond to attacks. This course also provides numerous field component exercises that focus on topics such as reconnaissance, vulnerability assessments using Nessus, network sniffing, web application manipulation, malware, and scenarios for both IT and Physical Security environments.
Check out our new training facility and 2019 schedule of .

 Electronic Registration & Payment

Check / Purchase Order (Please contact Michael I. Kaplan via email or phone.)
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Exponential Power of Networking

Jobs in Information Technology (IT), are among the fastest growing in the world.

300,000 cyber security positions open throughout the United States that cannot be filled, due to a lack of qualified applicants to fill them.We encourage you to visit the Cyber Seek website for additional information and statistics regarding this issue.
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As the global economy moves more towards a service-oriented, information exchange-based model, we are becoming ever more dependent on high tech solutions. Whether your current goal is to secure a job, enhance your existing career, start or develop a business we are here to help you achieve your goals. 

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